Friday, May 2, 2008

A Look at the Big 12

As my colleague GingerBalls – who did not workout throughout the month of April – told me yesterday, it's starting to look like I don't actually do any work. And today, much like yesterday, I can't refute that criticism. So to highlight that fact, I want to bring to your attention the "America's Best Colleges" list for 2008.

Kansas comes in at a respectable 85.

Ahead of them, from the Big 12 conference…

University of Texas (# 44) – If anyone else had been higher, that would have been much more surprising.

Texas A&M University (# 62) – This one caught me off guard a little bit. I think it speaks more to the general level of league schools than it does to A&M.

Baylor University (# 75) – Not exactly a dazzling performance for the league's only private school.

University of Colorado (# 79)

- Iowa State tied with Kansas for the # 85 ranking – Damn it, we couldn't beat the Cyclones?

Now, rounding out those that came in below the Jayhawks…

University of Methzouri & University of Nebraska (#91) – They also tied with (drumroll)…Alabama. Ouch.

University of Oklahoma (# 109) – This seems about right.

Kansas State University (# 124) – Out of 124! It appears that they're tied for last place with NJIT, Clarkson, Colorado St., Michigan Tech, Arkansas, & Arizona State. But given this picture of the ASU cheerleaders, I'd go ahead and place them a notch or two ahead of the purple wildcats.

Apparently, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech were ineligible. I can't say I'm shocked by this.

Going along with today's theme of unsurprising news, Ryan Perrilloux was kicked off the LSU football team. It's crazy to think back about how upset Mack was on losing out on this guy that was "going to steal Vince's job." At this point, I'm not so sure UT didn't catch a break.

At Indiana, new head coach Tom Crean won't have to wait long to get "his team" in there as IU is down to THREE returning scholarship players. One of which, Jordan Crawford, averaged over 1.5 ppg last year.

Moving the focus to something that did catch me a little off guard… Karl Malone apparently impregnated a 13 year old girl. Not recently, but when he was 20 years old and in college at Louisiana Tech. In case you were curious, the kid reach out to him when he was 18 and the Mailman told him it was too late for him to be his father and he would have to "earn his money on his own." I always hated Malone when he was playing. Though I feel for Demetrius Bell, I'm glad this is now public and that I have better reasons for continuing to despise the Mailman.

To close, we'll leave the news and move into a link that may interest you. Here is a podcast interview with Michael Schur/Mose Schrute/Ken Tremendous.

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