Wednesday, June 4, 2008

We found the WMDs

So pretty slow around here so I thought I would again try a captioning contest. Worked well last time as my only comment was ginger saying I was an an idiot but I am nothing if not persistent. So get ready for contest 2. I will buy beer for anyone who wins... strike that I will buy beer for anyone that posts a damn comment period.

Anyway this is from the J-Hawks visit to the white house the other day.

Starter captions...

-Good job on the championship guys, mission accomplished!
-In Crawford I am known as a bit of a baller, hehehe ( in jon stewart tone)
-I thought Cheney only had buckshot not basketballs, duck!


Map Maker said...

"Do you think Laura could get a pair of these?"

Robo Boogie said...

That a boy map. Let me know when you want that beer.

"Here is a Preview of the New McCain Ad..."

boynamedsioux said...

I got the entire national championship team to sign my face!

GingerBalls said...

"That's an alien to my left! I tried to tell Rummey last year they were coming! What? Oh, THAT is Russell Robinson?!!

Robo Boogie said...

By the way you all get beers and if you are in lawrence you might even collect. Let m know the bar and the day.