Friday, January 16, 2009

Mini-Preview: Baylor

Even in this part of the country, everyone seems to forget about Baylor – most likely, this is out of habit. But Scott Drew has himself some players down their in Waco. I don't know HOW he's getting players to Waco, but that matters not. Seriously, is there is a less likely fit than LaceDarius Dunn going to college in a place where "Fuck it" is pronounced "Goosefeathers" and only relevant landmark is the Dr. Pepper Museum? Of course not, but he keeps luring them in. If only he were teaching them a thing or two once they arrived, then they'd really have something.

By now, you know all the relevant pieces: Jerrels, Dugat, Dunn, Rogers, Tweety Carter, and of course, Sir Mamadou Diene. And as expected, nothing has really changed. Each of these guys (minus Mamadou) is capable of getting 20 on any given night – all of them will get into double figures – and none of them will play much individual defense, let alone any sort of competent team defense. Which is why they'll win a lot games, be dangerous against everyone they play, but ultimately accomplish nothing more than a decent win total and tournament appearance.

The one new guy worth mentioning is Quincy Acy. A 6'7" freshman, Acy has the build of your standard 12 year old Ethiopian and has been good for about 16 minutes, 6 points and 4 boards a game. But when he shoots, he makes it – 76% of the time. Though he's cooled off a bit since the first three games in which he went: 6/6, 7/7, & 5/5, respectively. It does bear mentioning that the opponents were PaulQuin, Centenary & Southern, (where in goosefeathers do they find these teams?!) but impressive nonetheless that he went 3+ games without missing. Before you get too impressed, it should also be noted that nearly every one of these shots has come from within 3 feet and he's currently converting 44% of his free throws (15/34) so a sharpshooter he is not.

I'd love to say I have some new insight on Baylor, but really they're all just a year older and now without the Australian guy that was a star when he showed up and became less relevant by the season. They'll be extremely tough to beat at the Ferrell Center (although the South Carolina loss had to be a bit humbling) and a combination of dangerous and shitty on the road. They're clearly a top tier team and 10+ wins is very much within their reach. But if you've got some size, remain competent on offense and limit their open looks, there's a good chance you're beating the Baylor Bears.

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GingerBalls said...

Scott Drew has done a tremendous job of bringing in talent to one of the least appealing towns in the Big 12. I am sure some of you have read one thing or another about some negative recruiting gaffs made by Drew and staff( it is impressive none the less.

There is a thin line between promoting what your school does well and bashing another, but I guess I would say I am not his biggest fan because he has used these tactics against KU in recruiting numerous times. I know he was handed a program in dire straights and maybe he had to do some of that to survive, but the big question is whether the staff at Baylor really learns from it or if it ends up casting a negative light on the entire program.

It really is such a quick turnaround though that it is hard to refute his methods as long as there is no long-term impact. Getting a McDonalds AA to come to Waco is no small feat.

Hiphopopotamus said...

Oh yeah, I can't think of someone who could speak well of the guy. He's truly a fuck.

And frankly, I'll be surprised if we don't at some point learn of him actually crossing the proverbial line. It just makes no sense why elite recruits would have any desire whatsoever to go to a small Baptist school in the middle of Texas that had mediocre facilities, an even worse history and a coaching staff that hasn't yet proven they can improve a single player.