Saturday, January 3, 2009

Baby "Hawks vs. Fighting Greaseballs Mini-Preview

About an hour before gametime and we needed to get something posted for what is sure to be an exciting and telling match-up between KU-Tennessee. Some things to watch for:
  1. How KU handles the speed and pressure of Tennessee's gaurds. The hectic nature of the Pearl press should give us great insight into the moxie of this team.
  2. Who do they have that can match-up with Cole? Seems like we could lean on Cole heavily today, seeing as Pearl typical throws a team out there sans center to be optimal in the press. Tennessee does have a 6'-11" guy in Brian Williams, who has had a fair amount of action, but their modus operandi is having Chism fly around in the back of the press.
  3. The X factor. As always needs to be mentioned when playing at the Phog, how will the raucous crowd affect Tennessee's play? With a ranked, name team coming in and even though the students are will be crazy today. Best non-con game at home so far, uptempo pace, ugly bright orange jersees, it's all there folks.
This could be a season changing victory and would obviously be our premier victory so far. On the flip-side, a loss would not kill the season in any way, it would just make improving our seed for the tournament that much more difficult later on without a non-con defining win. We need to be able to show that we can beat teams that are above average talent, badly.

Hiphops prediction: Baby 'Hawks 76 - Pat Summit's Dance Party 71

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Hiphopopotamus said...

Guess I underestimated our offensive prowess - that, and Tennessee's utter stupidity. Great win, nevertheless. And great atmosphere in the Phog...