Thursday, January 22, 2009

Afternoon Hotlinks

It has been out for a little while now, but congratulations to the Women of KU Calender for once again providing about 3 incredibly faptastic young ladies, while the other 9 would not be in the top 20% in bonability at KU.

**Quick update** Rivals is reporting that Kansas landed Bradley McDougald today - a 4 star safety out of Ohio and the eleventh best safety prospect in the nation. Yippee!

Rivals way too early to say top 25 has KU at 16.

Scout's 100 Best Players for '09. Reesing 4th best QB and and #9 overall(high praise indeed.) Only the the 3 Heisman candidates are in front of him at QB. Briscoe 7th best receiver and #77 overall. If he stays healthy, I think the nation will see it differently by the end of the year. How the hell is Decker ahead of him?

Tim Griffin has an article on KU's recruiting needs. Though he missed Springer at LB coming off an injury, he should be our most talented LB(though maybe Wright has something to say about that.) Dudley and Quigley should be in the rotation as well, we can also hope on some help from true frosh Julian Jones or Jacoby Thomas. I am unsure of what Dakota Lewis will add for us though(other than special teams) given his safety size at 6'1" 201 lbs. The article seems to miss the point that hopefully we had addressed most of our shortcomings with our recruiting last year. However, hopefully we are developing depth. Also amazing that he failed to mention our need for DEs and how Mangino is recruiting hard for impact players to step in and play right away.

The Topeka Capitol Journal has two good, in-depth articles centering on the state of KSU athletics and Wefald meddling too much in to the athletics department. It is a must read and I encourage you all to realize just how good we have it as fans of KU. Hope we can find another president who lets Lew be Lew and work his magic.

In other K-State news, they are now 0-4 in conference and let Lacedarius Dunn hit 9 3's last night. Even though the scouting report had recognized him as one of the main cogs in the Baylor offense. From the article:

Dunn finished the first half with four treys. You’d have thought he’d have the Wildcats’ attention. But K-State lost him again in the second half when, once again, he buried three-pointers on three straight possessions.

“I was really surprised,” Dunn said. “They kept the same defense.”

Pretty much every 3-point statistic is down this year in college basketball. Interesting that makes, attempts and percentage were all at an alltime high last year. In case you wanted to know(be honest, you d0) KU is at 17.4 attempts per game, ~6.6 makes per game and is 37.6% from 3-point range. Damn you Connor Teahan, 2 of 16 beyond the arc?

A few random links: Colin Cowherd is an ass. I have never really understood who listens to this guy regularly anyway. I'll catch him from time to time, if I have nothing better to do, but I am not making a point everyday. Pretty weak feud, but I like that they are fighting the good fight and continue to call him out on his douchebaggery.

Michigan hires Greg Robinson as defensive coordinator. A day old, but I still feel it deserves a mention. How does this guy continue to garner the respect to be handed these coushy, big-time jobs? Just amazing, good luck with that RichRod.

I know what you all are thinking, what does Pat Forde think of the Self/Wall issue/non-issue? From his chat:

Will J (Portland, OR): What do you make of the possible minor (recruiting)infraction by Bill Self? I think sometimes, these small allegations a little ridiculous.

SportsNation Pat Forde: Will: I don't think it's ridiculous, no. And I guarantee, neither does John Calipari, Mike Krzyzewski, Ernie Kent or any other coach in the hunt to get John Wall. Self broke a rule that he knew perfectly well and did it in a brazen manner. I hope the NCAA takes a good look at that, and at Kansas' recruitment of Wall.

I know I am not the least bit surprised that he feels this way(he is totally unbiased, MU J-School #1 foeva!!!11!.) Even though much more respected basketball analysts Doug Gottlieb and Gary Parrish have pretty much said "it is nothing."

****UPDATE****: The Big Lead has a post up concerning the "incident."


Hiphopopotamus said...

Though a little full of himself, I actually think Forde is one of their best options over at ESPN. But in this instance, he's either revealing the bias he's supposed to avoid or he's just an asshat.

Also interesting that he'd cite Coach K, considering Duke already self-reported a violation by Chris Collins when they were recruiting Wall in December. Funny how that one didn't get quite as much attention.

This is simply a case of a reporter creaming himself at the thought of his name on the front page and unfortunately, it may lead to some wrist-slapping.

GingerBalls said...

Agreed, Forde is decent, but his bias does tend to expose itself when KU is in the discussion.

It is quite interesting about the Chris Collins situation, I remembered hearing something about it back then, but it sure hasn't been brought up enough in light of the current transgression.

Robo Boogie said...

think the number of girls is more like 4 or possibly 5 (have to see the real calendar first). Though I think all 12 are at least 3 notches up the ladder from you ginger.

GingerBalls said...

Of course they are 3 notches above me, but that isn't difficult to accomplish. You know what I am saying, the models chosen are often times not indicative of overall hotness of KU girls.

Hiphopopotamus said...

Perhaps we should create a few extra google accounts so it's not so obvious we're the only three reading this thing.

rockchalk said...

Hey, I'm reading. I'm always reading. Great stuff, as always.

Also, what'd you think of Flight of the Conchords on Sunday? I was semi-disappointed, but that had more to do with my expectations, I think. There were some parts that were just laugh-out-loud funny, though.

Robo Boogie said...

haha. judging by the polls there must be a couple more or perhaps each of us hits the site with 6 computers to rig it, not putting it past ginger.

Robo Boogie said...

rockchalk, I agree, I was disappointed but I think one of the big reasons why was because there were some really funny sounding songs on all the preview ads and now were in this episode so I am guessing it will only get better. Kind of like an old friend you have not seen in a bit though, nice to have them back! I did think murray was pretty damn funny in this one

Robo Boogie said...


rockchalk said...

I think so, too.

Although, I did like the little three-liner from Jemaine about the toothpaste:

"Some women like men/Some women are lesbians/Feminine Toothpaste"

Probably my favorite line of the episode.

Hiphopopotamus said...

Stuff you all!!

Anonymous said...


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