Friday, June 6, 2008

FANtastic Friday...part deux

Before I get started, if you haven't read this ESPN article about the night beer and violence consumed an Indians/Rangers game, you should...a must read

We here at KJ-IBT are simple folk, busy toiling away during the work week at our simple jobs(ok, that is only me...the others have legitimately decent, high paying careers). So, when the weekend comes all we wanna do is get drunk, get blowed, spit shit, spark blunts and fuck hos(my first Tech N9ne reference, score!). This being another round of FANtastic Friday, we thought we would post some of our favorite pastimes...namely drinking, sexing and fighting. Oh yeah and golfing too....

Final Four loser Ty "Stringer"Lawson got picked up for a drinkin' and a drivin', something KJ-IBT knows a thing or two about(once again, mostly yours truly). In his free time he also likes to get used and abused by Sherron Collins. But, he also looks strikingly similar to Stringer Bell from The Wire, as shown above.
Diora Baird is hot and I really want to go golfing, and have sex with her and go's a vicious cycle, but you get the picture. What's that saying, if there is grass on the ball? Works for me.
Dodgers/Rockies Melee
Red Sox/Rays Brawl
Anytime you get a chance to punch Manny, you better connect, please please connect. I haven't been involved in fisticuffs many times in my day, but I do know it is better to punch with your eyes open.

Here's to a good weekend filled with our favorite pastimes for all of you(3 readers) out in interwebland.

gratuitous random hottie Alexis Thorpe

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Hiphopopotamus said...

That is one good looking pooper if I do say so myself.