Saturday, January 19, 2008

Murray, Prezzzent

Sorry for the extreme lack of posts as of late - spent the week in NY and just couldn't find the time. Obviously there are a million things to do in the city, but one of them that I had always neglected was attending a game at MSG. there this time, I figured what better time to get a cheap ticket ($30 at half court on club level - HA!) and hopefully see a riot against Isiah. Unfortunately, the latter did not occur since the Knicks won, though it was entertaining that the two loudest moments of the night came wen his introduction was booed and cheering for all of the Giants in attendance. Long story short, if you're a basketball fan, find a way to get to a game at the Garden. But enough about the No Balls Association, onto the good stuff.

As my colleague has mentioned, KU ascended to #1 in the ESPN Power 16 this week on account of their dominance of Nebraska and Oklahoma. And also because UNC was let off the hook in Hotlanta on Wednesday and have looked less than stellar in two of their three conference games, though my opinion has not changed. I always expect them to win because they play hard, have playmakers and can outscore anyone, but its absolutely no secret that they can't play defense - I'm unsure as to why this is a surprise to anyone.

This Saturday, they will head to Paige Arena for their annual sellout. Obviously all conference games are difficult to predict, but there are a few much tougher than the others; this is certainly one of them. Methzou, not surprisingly, jerked themselves off all week after their impressive win over Texas only to lose at Hilton on Wednesday. So just like we've always known, they have some talent and when everything is working they can do some damage. But when the treys aren't falling quite so easily and the intensity isn't there, they're no better than an average Missouri Valley team. The latter will undoubtedly be there this evening; hopefully the former will not. I wouldn't mind seeing something like this again.

As for the rest of the conference, nothing too shocking has occurred.

Baylor took care of their first two (ISU, OSU), but their next two (@Neb., @ A&M) will offer considerably more resistance.

Colorado was pummeled @ A&M, but responded by beating Nebraska at home. Next up is a trip to Austin followed by a visit from the Purple.

As mentioned, Iowa State followed their loss to Baylor with a win over Methzou. This week, they welcome the Cowboys and then venture to Allen.

K-State started with a good win in Norman. They'll have a chance for another against A&M today before a trip to Boulder this week.

Nebraska wasted all of their energy in futilely trying to beat the Jayhawks leading to a subsequent loss at Colorado. They need to beat Baylor tonight, because a trip to Allen is up next.

Oklahoma had a rough week losing a tough one to the Purple and then being run off the court at Allen, losing Blake Griffin for a month in the process. The Tech game tonight is a must win and the one at Baylor next week would be nice.

Oklahoma State started with a win over Tech and followed it with a loss to Baylor. This week they go to Ames and welcome in the Longhorns. As expected, they will win some at home, but won't do much outside of Stillwater.

Texas built a lot of good will to start the season which has since been tempered in losses to Wisconsin and Methzou. Colorado won't put up much of a fight tonight, but to stay in the race, they also need to win in Stillwater.

Texas A&M beat the Buffs and then (as expected) forgot how to handle the ball in Lubbock, giving Knight his 900th win. Games in Manhattan and against Baylor this week could be tough, but should be won.

Texas Tech lost at OSU and beat Tech. Games in Norman and at home v. Methzou are winnable and would put them in good shape.

Kansas started this season as the favorite and with both UT and A&M losing in the first week, it has become increasingly obvious that the champion has been decided and this is a more of a race for second. As for the other teams, it's being further proved how middle-heavy the league is with even CU and ISU notching wins already. After one week, only two teams remaining winless and at this time last week, both were considered chic pics to contend for 4th and notch bids to the tourney.

For those of you that haven't seen it already and even for those of you that have, I recommend Eagle vs. Shark, starring the one and only Jemaine Clement, aka Hiphopopotamus.

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Anonymous said...

Only trip up game I see is K-Sucks in Manhattan. That is, if Bill Walker's knee doesn't look like shredded cheese and Michael Beasley isn't ineligible by then.

The Mizzou game was only close because it was at the Mizzou Arena. If you don't beat us by 20 in Lawrence, you should be disappointed.