Monday, January 28, 2008

Inner City Pressure

No, not that one. The other Manhattan. If you can truly call it that? In fact, let's not. And here I thought I was being original. I had planned on centering my post on why the Purple has all of the pressure this week, but some giant named Whitlock beat me to the punch. Bastard!

But despite what those from the Rotten Apple may want to believe, it's all true. If Kansas is to lose this game (and trust me, I certainly don't want this to occur), little will change. They will go on as the prohibitive favorite to win the conference and one of a few to cut the nets in San Antonio. And next year, when an entirely new team goes to Manhattan they will have to hear about how the streak just ended and how will they respond, et al. Aside from that, nada.

However, if Kansas wins while the Purple has ringers, Beasley and Walker, little hope will remain in Mancrappenin. For as we all know, though they say the right things just as Huggy Bear did, Beasley and Walker will not reside anywhere near Silo Tech come the summer of 2008. And if those two aren't able to beat Kansas, all they are left with is Frank Martin. And I think we all know where that's going to get them. That's not to say that a Frank Martin team couldn't at some point beat Kansas (though I will contend Wednesday does not count as any coaching he is doing with this team is more a detriment than an advantage), but it certainly doesn't lend itself to opportunistic times in the Rotten Apple. Instead, they will again be forced to wonder if they will ever manage a win in Bramlage Coliseum against their far superior neighbors to the east.

Courtesy of, here is a little snapshot as written by the Associated Press.

For a little local flavor, try this – be careful, it's not like a fine scotch and it rarely goes down smooth. Also, if you happen to scroll down a few posts, you'll notice that this particular Wildcat doesn't put any added emphasis on this game or even the conference season, because it isn't a conference season they're playing, "it's 16 different seasons of one game apiece." Personally, I think that's a little too foreboding of him – I like to operate under the premise that it's not a 16 game conference season, but rather 2500 seasons of one possession apiece. I think Indiana's '76 team would be upset to hear of this though, considering how many undefeated seasons are unfolding right in front of our eyes! In all honesty, this character seems to actually comprehend that it will take more than Beasley/Walker to beat an entire team, but he remains optimistic all the same. No issues here.

If its some LJW perspective you want, but you don’t need to tune out the rest of the office by strapping on the headphones for their podcast, I've got them for you here. Tom Keegan: KSU 90 KU 88 in OT (Kansas finishes the season 39-1 with a national championship). Ryan Greene: KSU 87: KU 82 (Kansas finishes the season 39-1 with a national championship). Real ballsy, gentlemen. Truly an inspiring journalistic outlook.

Since you're no doubt bummed out that the brilliance that emanated from that podcast went against your beloved Jayhawks, here's a little postgame reaction from Corn Nation. It's a good thing combines can't actually overpower a state or I might be worried.

For some further enjoyment, here's a look at Joey Brackets' newest projection. It's safe to say I'd be pretty confident if that were to unfold.

In typical Methzou fashion, they have taken over the Fulmer Cup lead by an astonishing margin over at EDSBS. And even more fittingly, just as they finally got their first win outside of Paige Arena, they have lost their best player after he got knocked the F out at a local establishment.

That's probably enough links for one day. 48 days until Selection Sunday…


GingerBalls said...

I want to see a bigger version of that picture with Kaun in the pink hat from the ksu blogger site, ridiculous.

You know you're not in high finance.
Considering second hand underpants.
Check your mind, how'd it get so bad?
What happened to those other underpants you had?

Hiphopopotamus said...

Agreed. Even more wonderful to see you slingin the rhymes from such a great song.

Robo Boogie said...

I call shenanigans. I think that is a photoshop job for sure. Either that or a really bad ass russian gang wears pink cowboy hats... yeah that is it. And they hang out at the YMCA.

Hiphopopotamus said...

Personally, I like the hat. And I'd rock the party in one if given the opportunity. I fault my own damn laziness that I haven't been able to locate such a gem...yet.

Anonymous said...

Illannoy has now scored huge points for the Fulmer Cup.