Monday, July 14, 2008

KU v. Joe College Lawsuit

It's now official: a Topeka based jury has awarded the University of Kansas $127,000 in it's lawsuit vs. Joe College T-Shirts. The amount is roughly a quarter of what they were asking. There will be more on this later and I don't intend on boycotting anything KU, but this is ridiculous. And let it be known that I have never purchased a shirt from Joe College, and typically don't even find them all that clever. Though he clearly has a biased opinion, Mr. Whitlock was dead on.

In much happier news, Clark Kellogg has replaced Billy Packer as the lead analyst for CBS. Throughout the tournament it really seemed like even he knew it was his last go round, but I can't say I didn't smile when I saw that it became official.


rhymenocerous said...

I heard about this on the Chris Stigall's morning show on the way to work this morning and couldn't help but laugh. A couple of things:

A. Those shirts do nothing but positively promote KU's teams. I am a MU fan and I laugh every time I see them. Instead of suing them, why don't they buy them out?

B. How are they going to decide what shirts are ok for Joe's company to print. As Stigall said this morning, the "Our coach beat anorexia" was OK but the "Our coach can eat your coach" was not. I think both are very clever and true, but to say that one is ok and the other isn't seems rather silly to me.

C. Anyone who likes the Flight of the Conchords enough to allude to them twice is awesome in my book.

Bottom line is that KU should stop whining and turn this into something productive.

Robo Boogie said...

thought the Crips owned the color blue.