Monday, April 21, 2008

Some Monday Links

There's not a whole lot to report from Jayhawk Nation these days, so I just thought I'd throw together a few links worth perusing.

First and foremost, the LJW world reported today that Sherron Collins underwent successful knee surgery today and will soon begin his rehab, with "plenty of time" to get ready for the season. In the same article, it is reported that ex-Marquette commit, Tyshawn Taylor will visit campus on Wednesday.From what I know about him, this would be a quality signing, but I'd much rather Bill land a forward/center as opposed to another guard. (Note: This is assuming Mario is staying and that he would need to make a choice between the two.)

Sticking with recruiting, and the LJW, for that matter, it looks like soon-to-be-Jayhawk Travis Releford had himself a good weekend. After scoring 21 points and grabbing 8 boards, he took home MVP honors in an All-Star game in Louisville. This game wasn't up to par of say the McDonald's game, but there were some quality recruits from UNC, Kentucky, etc. in action. Also in this article is a snippet about the Morris twins and Quintrell Thomas and how they led their all-star team to victory as well.

This is an interesting piece on the Morris twins. I still have yet to see these guys play and I'm excited to do so. However, I think for them to be successful in Kansas' system they – Markieff, especially - will need to start playing closer to the basket. (Thanks to RockChalkTalk for the link)

Switching sports, the big man also known as the Orange Bowl champion is not happy with Orson Swindle. A while back I enjoyed a look through the Mangino's home, which is currently on the market. As EDSBS pointed out, it was most enjoyable to see their home staged with wine chilling in the dining room. Apparently, Mark did not appreciate the attention his home (and this picture we're getting).Which makes perfect sense, considering how great of seller's market we're currently enjoying.

I mentioned last week that I was unable to see Kansas' spring game. I also mentioned that I apparently didn't miss much. Well, the purple school to the west took it to a new level, producing an all-timer of a snooze-fest, with the white team holding on for a breathtaking 3-0 win. In their defense, it's likely that half their team wasn't there yet since they're all JUCO transfers.

In keeping with the success stories from the programs closest in geography to Kansas, it appears Quin Snyder is as happy as he's ever the D League. Good for you, buddy!

Back to good news, here are a couple YouTube videos that you will want to see. First, comes an awesome dunk by Julian Wright. Secondly, comes the Methzou version of One Shining Moment. Wonderful work.

As I said, not much to talk about today. Again, good luck to Aqib Talib, Anthony Collins and the Jayhawk seniors hoping to be drafted this weekend. I doubt I'll be watching because it's a Saturday in the middle of the spring and I already feel like Todd McShay and Mel Kiper have raped my ear to the tipping point of my insanity if I hear either of them speak again.

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